Veterinary Specialists

Los Angeles Veterinary Specialists Provide Enhanced Pet Care



Our specialist veterinarians have each received advanced, focused training in one specific field of veterinary medicine. At Animal Specialty Group, our team of board certified veterinary specialists have an additional three to four years of advanced training and have passed their respective board exams.

The veterinary specialist team at ASG is also unique because we have certified specialists in seven major veterinary fields: Internal Medicine, Surgery, Oncology, Neurology, Radiology, Physical Rehabilitation and Integrative Medicine, and Emergency/Critical Care. By combining the expert skills of our specialists with our advanced technical equipment, our 24-hour veterinarian facility in Los Angeles is able to treat even the most complex medical problems.

Specialized Pet Care in Seven Major Veterinary Fields Serving the Great Los Angeles Area

Our emergency veterinarians and technicians are available for round-the-clock urgent care, no appointment required. If your pet is experiencing a health emergency, come straight to our veterinary hospital. If possible, contact us at 818-244-7977 so we can have an emergency vet team ready to assist your pet upon arrival.

At ASG, pet owners frequently ask us how a veterinary specialist can make a difference for their pet’s well-being, especially if pet owners have a great family veterinarian. Just as there are different levels of medical care available for humans, so too are there different levels of care available for animals.

Your Family Veterinarian is your pet’s first line of defense

For example, a primary care physician is trained to handle a variety of general health concerns. However, should more advanced, serious issues arise, your primary care physician would recommend you to a medical specialist. This same process occurs for pets under our care.

When a Specialist is required

Your family veterinarian works hard to keep your pets healthy and active, reducing the risk for illness through regular check-ups, pet vaccinations and dental cleanings. Your family veterinarian may even perform basic surgery and take diagnostic X-rays. However, should your pet become seriously ill or require emergency care, a veterinary specialist has the advanced training to best care for your pet.

Many Specialists are better than one

ASG is unique because we do not just have a single veterinary specialist on staff, but we have an entire team available to care for your pet’s health needs.

In most cases, a singular veterinary specialist has a single office. Should additional input from other specialists be necessary, this veterinary specialist would then have to refer patients to another specialist in another office – a process that can become time consuming and expensive.

One team under one roof

At ASG, our veterinary specialists are all in the same practice, in the same facility, and part of the same team. This means that two, three or more specialists will consult together on a complex veterinary health concern, such as veterinary emergency surgery, depending on the level of care that is required for your pet.

ASG’s Team of Specialists

Since the day we opened our doors, our 24-hour veterinarian facility in Los Angeles has had one mission: to treat your pets using skill and compassion. Whether your pet needs urgent care for a veterinary emergency or is facing a complex surgical procedure, our veterinary specialists work together to streamline all aspects of the treatment process. This helps to keep costs down while improving health care quality.

Your pet has virtually everything he could possibly need in one collaborative practice.

To learn more about how our Specialists work together, visit our Collaborative Approach page.