Veterinary Surgery

Veterinary Surgery: Cutting Edge Surgical Care Specialists for Your Pets.



Animal Specialty Group in Los Angeles provides innovative, cutting-edge veterinary surgery. For more than 20 years, Animal Specialty Group has been on the forefront of groundbreaking veterinary emergency surgery, utilizing high-tech surgical equipment and industry-leading surgical techniques. We are the industry leaders in minimally invasive surgery and laser surgery.

Whether your pet needs an emergency operation or a routine procedure, our 24-hour specialists in Los Angeles are available round-the-clock for surgical procedures.

Veterinary Emergency & Routine Surgery for Your Pet’s Urgent Care

Animal Specialty Group treats a wide range of injuries and conditions in dogs and cats, including Total Hip Replacement (THR), Canine Hip Dysplasia, Ruptured Cruciate Ligament injuries, Patellar Luxation Repair, Femoral Head Ostectomy, Osteochondritis Dissecans, and Arthroscopy.

Our board-certified surgeons work in conjunction with our specialists in Internal Medicine, Oncology, and Radiology.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Whenever possible, our 24-hour specialists recommend minimally invasive veterinary emergency and veterinary surgery procedures.

Minimally invasive procedures, such as rigid endoscopy, allow surgery to be performed through very small incisions, which not only causes less trauma and pain, but also significantly minimizes the risk for complications. Endoscopic surgery also shortens the recovery period, so your pet’s surgical incisions will heal faster. Faster healing means happier pets and happier pet parents.

Surgical Lasers

Our specialists were some of the first surgeons to begin using CO2 surgical lasers. Laser surgery allows for precise, discrete incisions, without the bleeding caused by traditional scalpel surgery. While lasers are not appropriate for all surgical procedures, they are increasingly a safe and smart choice for many operations.

For example, when operating on a cancerous tumor with a large, complicated blood supply, surgical lasers allow our specialists to make precise incisions without causing complications. Laser surgery is increasingly the best choice for oral surgery, such as soft palate resections in brachycephalic breeds. Laser surgery is literally the “cutting edge” of surgical tools.

Breakthroughs in Surgical Technologies

Human and veterinary surgery is constantly advancing thanks to new developments in materials, engineering and techniques. At Animal Specialty Group, our goal is to harness these technological breakthroughs for the benefit of our pet patients.

For example, Dr. Kirk Wendelburg, one of ASG’s elite surgeons, was a major contributor to the implant and surgical procedure design used for Canine Hip Replacement. Recently, Dr. Wendelburg also made important contributions for the development of Canine Elbow Hip Replacement Surgery. Working with leading engineers and veterinary surgeons across the globe, Dr. Wendelburg is helping to design a revolutionary new elbow replacement implant for dogs with elbow dysplasia.

In addition to Dr. Wendelburg’s surgical technology contributions, leading endoscope manufacturers seek out our surgeons’ opinions on minimally invasive instrument design.

Surgery at Animal Specialty Group

Animal Specialty Group is proud to be at the forefront of care, working closely with the manufacturers to create the less invasive and more advanced endoscopic equipment. To learn more about veterinary emergency and routine surgery, visit:

To learn more about how veterinary Surgery at Animal Specialty Group, visit our Surgery page.