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Come on in!

Animal Specialty Group was founded by Dr. Kirk Wendelburg in 1990, as a 2-doctor surgery referral practice. Since then, it has expanded into a 14-doctor, nationally recognized multispecialty referral hospital, skilled in the care of the smallest Teacup Persian to the largest Saint Bernard.

We invite you to take a virtual tour of our facility, from our lobby and consultation rooms to the treatment, surgery, and special procedure rooms and our advanced-imaging suite, complete with CT and MRI machines.

Come on in! After all, our hospital is your hospital.

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A brief overview of our animal hospital, emergency room, and
state-of-the-art facilty…

Entranceway: Our entranceway has seating for our guests who would prefer to enjoy the weather outside. It’s the perfect place to relax while your furry family members are in our care. Bring a book or borrow one of our magazines and relax, while we take care of your pet.

Lobby: Our spacious lobby has comfortable seating for all of our guests and plenty of room for their cuddly companions. We want everyone to feel at home, so we have treats for animals, as well as coffee, tea, hot chocolate and water for our clients. Please help yourself to our always stocked vending machines as well!

Exam Room: We have exam rooms throughout the hospital in order to facilitate the examination process. These rooms are designed to house all of the tools needed for your pet’s examination. Each room includes a large screen for viewing digital x-rays and any video that may be helpful for the diagnosis and/or treatment of your pet.

Pharmacy: Our full-service pharmacy offers our guests a convenient way to pick up their pet’s prescriptions on-site. Just call ahead and we’ll make sure your prescription is ready to pick up when you arrive.

Main Treatment Room: Our main treatment room is the core of the hospital as it’s always chock full of activity. Both hospitalized and surgery patients make themselves at home in our pillow and blanket lined crates, or throughout the different areas of the room. Surgery rooms are located through doors around the treatment room as well.

Digital Radiography System: Our advanced digital radiography system allows our doctors and staff to access images throughout the hospital, keeping accurate and updated information at their fingertips.  It’s just one of the many ways ASG doctors collaborate on patient cases, both within and across all specialties.

CT Scan: ASG is one of only a handful of hospitals to have a CT Scan like this one. Computed Tomography is a technology that extracts data from multiple digital radiographs, and creates 3D images of “slices” through the body, through different planes and different angles. CT is an excellent way to visualize organs, blood vessels, or masses and their relation to other nearby structures.

MRI: MRI uses a very large magnetic field, to align all of the molecules in the body in a certain direction. When a magnetic pulse is applied, all of the molecules move in a certain, predictable way, yielding an image that is almost photographic. MRI provides an incredibly high level of detail when it comes to soft tissue structures, like the brain, heart, lungs, and abdominal organs.

Physical Rehabilitation + Integrative Medicine Center: Our therapy center is the first of its kind in the area to offer on-site services performed by a veterinarian who possesses a vast array of experience in acupuncture, rehabilitation, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and food therapy. Plus, our rehabilitation department is further supported by a full array of cutting-edge equipment, designed specifically for pets, including an underwater treadmill, low-level (cold) laser, and electrostimulation.

The ASG Watchdog: Our watchdog statue not only greets everyone who enters our hospital, but also represents the unyielding comittment all of us at ASG have towards being there for our patients when they need us – 24/7, 365 days a year. It’s a promise we make to ourselves and to our guests – and it’s one in which we believe so strongly that we’ve set it in stone outside our always-open doors.

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