About three years ago our rescue Elkhound from Tucson came down with a fever. After 4 days at ASG and talks with our vet at Arden she came back from the brink and has been an absolute joy of a girl. All our pets go to ASG in an emergency for over 20 years. Thank you from Gwen!

-Ron Asher, Glendale CA

Dr. Wendelburg, I wanted to let you know that after you treated my friend’s dog with care and concern, I decided to come to ASG for my personal dog Casey regarding his Hemangiosarcoma. I have been extremely pleased with all the services and personal care that I have received at ASG, and think that Dr. Blake really has our best interest at heart. I could not be more pleased with her skill and services, and I just thought someone should know. It is because of both of you and your work with our dogs at Guide Dogs of America that I feel Casey is in the best hands at ASG,  and I just wanted to say thanks.

P.S. Casey came through his surgery at 12/1/2 years young with spunk and back to feeling great. This is honestly the quickest recovery I can remember throughout his numerous surgeries!  Thanks again to the front desk for their support when I dropped him off in tears, and for ALL of your sincere care and concern!

-Patty Elizondo + Casey Sequoia Jones Elizondo, La Canada, CA

Liam, Irish Setter


Four years ago, ASG removed a tumor from my Irish Setter’s liver. If you think that’s easy to do, check around. It’s not. At nine years old, Liam recovered from the surgery in record time and has not had any kind of liver problem since. But there’s more.

Two years later, an ultrasound showed a mass in his abdomen. I’m not sure why, but I ended up at another specialty group, where we were left waiting in the exam room for over an hour before they handed me off to their lowliest intern, who did a lot of VERY expensive tests and basically didn’t have a clue.

As for compassion, there was none. Get them in, get them out. It felt like an assembly line. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough and back over to ASG.

The diagnosis was an adenocarcinoma of the small intestine, which doesn’t have a great prognosis, especially on my by now eleven-year-old dog. Needless to say, I was freaked out. He had the same surgeon, Dr. Bilbrey, one of the first to join ASG, and a recipient of many honors and awards. No intern here, they took me right to the top, and treated both me and Liam as if we were their only clients.

He came through the surgery with no complications, and Dr. Bilbrey thought he got good margins, but said that this kind of mass tends to “seed” microscopic cells to other areas of the body within a few months. Really? It’s been almost two and a half years since the surgery and other than getting a bit weak in the rear, he’s in excellent health. I’d say someone did a good job!

As for a caring attitude, a couple of nights after one of the surgeries, convinced that something was wrong, I raced over to Glendale at 3:00am, where after a careful and thorough examination, the kind and understanding night doctor reassured me that he was fine. Much relieved, I reached for my wallet, but she shook her head and waved me out the door.

Liam is my heart dog in every sense of the word. I’ve had dogs all my life, but none have connected with me the way he has. Thanks to ASG, he survived two difficult surgeries and will celebrate his 13th birthday next month. I cannot praise them or thank them enough.

Animal Specialty Group gave us the best of care and treated us like family. I can’t think of a better example than the night of my panicked visit, when the doctor on staff greeted me in her fluffy bedroom slippers.

-Carole Raschella + Liam


Everyone at ASG is great We are so appreciative that our little Beija is still with us after ASG recovered her from a scary head trauma.


We tell folks you are the Cedar Sinai of the animal world!

-Tony Riccio + Beija

Thank you Dr. Huber, Dr. Hicks and all of the office staff at ASG for taking such good care of Jenna. She had an exceptional experience and speedy recovery after her surgery. My questions were answered promptly whenever I called and had concerns. She just celebrated her 12th birthday and now has more energy. She is running and jumping and chasing all the neighborhood dogs. Also, she is back to being our little guard dog and alerting us whenever she hears a noise Her dog groomer noticed the difference immediately and was amazed on how energetic she is. We will definitely recommend ASG to Jenna’s furry friends.

-Roberta, Art + Art Jr. Perez

Thank you so much for all you have done for Rose so far. Since she spent time with you she is in much less pain. Thank you for telling me how to take care of her. Everyone at ASG is so nice and caring. I hope you all realize how special you are and what a nice environment you create. Rose and I look forward to our next visit.

-Rose and Terrie Gohl

PS – An extra special thank you for your patience with me!!

-Rose + Terrie Guhl

Dear Dr. Huber,

Please accept my apologies in taking so long to thank you for your contribution to ACVS Foundation in memory of our precious Fluffy. I was going to try to put together a short slideshow and send you a copy on disk or link via email, but just haven’t gotten around to it. Hopefully, soon.

Receiving the card from ACVS Foundation notifying us of your contribution means the world to us. Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Our precious boy was the salt of the earth – so very, very sweet, and I can’t tell you how much his life companion Blue misses him, and how much Joe and I miss him. We have always taken in adult stray kitties, but we fell so in love with Fluffy’s affectionate and playful Ragdoll temperment, that we are going to break our own rule and purchase a Ragdoll boy from a reputable breeder. We’re looking forward to bringing in a playful companion for Blue and to having a “baby” in the house after so many years, although no kitty will ever replace our Fluffy.

Many hugs to you and to all who helped our beautiful boy remain comfortable and transition across Rainbow Bridge.

-Davidia & Joe Barba

Just wanted to give you a little update on our little canine family as you have been instrumental in keeping them “solid-limbed” thus affording them the opportunity to still run after the wild squirrels in their jungle. Little chubby-girl Lexie is back to her feisty self with seemingly no problem whatsoever in the leg you worked your wonders. She’s back on-duty patrolling our property always on the look-out for critters, big and small. Most sadly, we had to say good-bye to our Mr. Pip on January 8th. We are grateful that pretty much up to the horrible news he was able to “prance about” and relish the walks he so loved thanks to the surgery you performed in August to heal his ACL.

With aloha & Appreciation.

-Trudi & Ron Hicklin, Pasadena, CA

Dear Dr. Bilbrey and the Entire Staff at the Amazing Animal Specialty Group Hospital,

I have never seen a more dedicated, empathetic and professional staff as I did when we came to you, and I immediately knew Millie was in the best place she could be. The compassion and concern that every single person in your facility showed to my husband, my daughter and me during those final, very difficult months were beyond anything I’ve ever experienced.  We just cannot say how grateful we are for you all. Thank you for your unbelievable compassion on that final visit, and thank you so much for the flowers you sent. That was so unexpected and so amazingly kind. Again, just underscoring the kind of people you all are. I truly could go on forever, but I’ll stop for now and simply say, from the very bottom of our hearts, Thank You.

-Melissa, David and Carly Hill

Dear Dr. Chaplow and all our friends at ASG:

Veterinary Testimonial Animal Specialty Group

Thank you for the lovely flowers, card and kind words at the loss of our dear Mollie. I am grateful and for all you did to give her so much more time with us, and helping me say goodbye when it got to hard on her to go on.

There is a real hole in our hearts—she was so determined and truly full of life—

This was the sweetest photo of her (even though I’m in it). She will never be forgotten.

Again, our thanks.

-Kathleen, Maggie and Maybelle