Bentley  Lindholm is thank you to ASGVets

Dear Dr. Wendelburg and Friends,

Thank you for putting my leg back together (at least relatively so…) …multiple times! Life today at nearly 5 years old is very good. I play, lounge, eat, walk (preferably on the beach), cause appropriate amounts of Labrador-induced chaos (or so I’m told), and pose for the occasional photo.

My family is grateful for all you’ve done, and I am too. We’ve made a pact to do our collective best not to need your services again anytime soon (fingers crossed!), but I wanted to check in to say hello and share some of my favorite blankets with others. I enjoy anything soft and cozy to snuggle with and figured my recuperating buddies there must too.

Keep up the brilliant work…


-Labrador Bentley Lindholm

Uncle EddieDear Dr. Schulman,

Thank you for the kind words. You were a major player in our lives with Eddie because it was your care, creativity, and resolve that kept him part of our lives for so long. We will never forget all your help! Most of all, we will never forget how special you made him feel because his positive experience at ASG helped us all get through a very difficult time.

Everyone at ASG championed Eddie on to good health—Wyatt was wonderful—Tammy, and others whose names now escape me. I still remember how excited Wyatt was when Eddie’s numbers started to climb back up.

A lovely bouquet arrived at our house yesterday from you and ASG. Thank you very much! It moves us. If you find yourselves in our part of the world, I hope you call. You will always be welcome in our home!

Sincerely and with great affection.

(Read Eddie’s entire story)

-Margaret, Barry, and Lily

ASG-Sadie at Griffith Park

Thank you to everyone at ASG, and to Dr. Strom, for my dog Sadie. Her recovery from the TPLO surgery has been great, and she’s back to her old games of chasing squirrels and lizards in the park! We spent a few hours romping around Griffith today and it’s such a joy to see her happily trotting along the trails again.

You all gave her such wonderful care.  Thank you so much.

-Dan and Cindy Jenkins, Atwater Village, CA

Rusty, The Pine Family

Dear ASG,

Thank you for taking such care of Rusty and keeping him with us, he gives our family so much joy.

We love this picture of Rusty!

-The Pine Family, Eagle Rock, CA

Cannot say enough nice things about ASG… anytime my pups need emergency care my entire family knows that they are not to be taken anywhere else but ASG… this hospital is filled with hard working, diligent, knowledgeable and most importantly compassionate staff.. from the moment we step into the office starting from the front desk, vet techs and doctors… ASG saved Nimo’s life and we will be forever grateful… ♥

-Michelle Yun, Glendale, CA

Friskers Tuttle + Family

Dear Dr. Huber & Dr. Wong and all my friends at ASG –

I feel great!! Thank you so much. We are very appreciative for everything you have done to help Friskers stay healthy!

-Friskers Tuttle and Family (Chris, Wanda + Natalie), Santa Clarita, CA

Thank you to the staff at ASG in Glendale, CA.  I brought Lucy, our 9 year old white bull terrier in after her regular vet in Burbank, CA took x-rays and said we should have the electric tea lights that she had ingested the day before, removed via gastronomy surgery at your offices.  You guys were quick, efficient, professional, open 24 hours and your facilities seem as though they can accommodate any animal (possibly even human?) emergency and/or general office visit.  Lucy was out of surgery within two hours and we received a call in that time assuring us that she was resting well, their were no complications, and in addition to the two electric tea lights, the surgeon located a toy police badge, a toy mask, and particles of a CD she tried to ingest on the way to ASG for this surgery!

We have been informed by the staff that she is gaining her appetite (I don’t think she ever lost it?), resting comfortably, recovering well and we will get to bring her home soon.

You guys really know your poo.

-Lucy “Built Like a Tank” and the Jacobsen Family, Burbank, CA


Thank you Dr. Chaplow for making me feel like a spunky teenager again and turning me into a model!

I like to strike a pose.

–  Stella

-Lauren Rosenbloom, Eagle Rock, CA

Words cannot convey my thanks and gratitude to the doctors, technicians and staff at ASG Hospital. While on my way to the East Coast, my precious little Mochi was viciously attacked by a much larger dog. When I found out the heartbreaking news, she was already in the hands of the experienced and caring doctors and staff at ASG, out of surgery and resting.

Of course, the next 48 hours were critical and although I was more than 2,000 miles from home, the doctors checked in with me on a regular basis by phone. They always took my calls, which I usually placed as soon as rounds were completed and they would call me with an evening update. Whenever I called, all I had to say is “Mochi,” and everyone seemed to know her.

In addition, ASG graciously allowed Mochi’s “aunties” to visit her and to meet with the doctors until I was able to return to L.A. Equally impressed with ASG, they assured me she was in the best place possible and getting the best of care, which was a huge relief.

It’s hard to believe that a week ago she was literally on death’s door. And today, she is resting at home and getting back to living her life. I am so very grateful for ASG and thankful that my little Mochi is on her way to a full recovery. Thank you ASG for giving her a second chance at life.

-Christine Ohama, Alhambra, CA

Jeannie Jones + Rick Estrada

Dear ASG Doctors and Staff,

Thank you so much for the excellent and extensive care you gave our 18-year old “little girl” Pearl in your facility. The concern and keeping us informed was really appreciated.

We are recommending your group to all our friends!

-Jeannie Jones and Rick Estrada, Glendale, CA