Our dog Arthur – A Great Dane still goes to Animal Specialty Group. We adopted him from the shelter and lately he had a bad accident and broke his leg. We took him to ASG and he went for a 5 HR surgery. They had put metal plates in his back leg. Now he is doing great. Thanks to Animal Specialty Group doctors. He still goes there from time to time for follow ups. Thank you for taking care of our baby – Arthur.

-Nestor Pangan, Glendale, CA

Thank you so much for the flowers and for doing your best to save my beloved Doris. Your kindness, attention and total compassion won’t ever be forgotten. I miss my little girl :( But I know she is no longer struggling and I have a lifetime of memories of her cute little mug. To Doris!!

-Sue Clark, Los Feliz, CA

Thank you so much for your excellent care and concern for Gizmo. Without your quick response and willingness to move forward with the surgery quickly, Gizmo would not have the chance he now has to work on regaining the use of his hind legs. Thanks again!!

-John, Sherie + Gizmo Chan

I hope you all know how important was your presence, your professionalism, your deep understanding & your ultimate kindness in helping me and my little guy ‘Ed’ this morning. You all opened your hearts at one of the most difficult moments of my life – as I know you do for may others – and I’m forever in your debt.

I apologize for not being in much of a state to thank you earlier today but I want you all to appreciate how much it means to your patients & their most precious pets.

-Brian and Ed, Silver Lake, CA

To all of you at the Animal Specialty Group:

Thank you so much for what you did to help our dog Cookie. We appreciate your professional and compassionate service to her. We miss her so much but find comfort in the fact that we (through you) did our best.

Best wishes and many, many thanks!

-Linda Brooks and Aaron Allen, Altadena, CA

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for the support and care you gave to our dog Fred during his stay at the hospital. He needed a great deal of attention, which you gave to him. Also, it was comforting to know that we could bring him in at anytime of the night.


-John and Kris Kaiser, Burbank, CA

Thank you so much for making the donation to the ACVS Foundation in memory of our “Jay Jay”. It meant a lot getting that card & knowing he wasn’t forgotten, and we did our absolute best to save him.

-Holly Leatherman + Jay Jay

Dear ASG Staff,

Thank you very much for the beautiful flowers. The gesture was totally unexpected and lifted our spirits. Your thoughtfulness is overwhelming. We wish you and everyone at ASG the very best. Thank you for everything.

-Steve and Jodi Kemper, West L.A., CA


Hello Staff of ASG!

I don’t know if you remember Gyilkos – he was a Rattlesnake Bite patient of your’s almost a year ago! This is a picture of him the day he came home from hospitalization- all smiles. I could never thank you enough for the quality care you guys gave my baby! Forever grateful, forever thankful. I work over at Stevenson Ranch Vet Center and we will always refer to you for our critical care and specialty needs :)

Thank you again for being simply amazing.

-Shannen Patricia Laine Herbert, Stevenson Ranch, CA