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Interns and residents are selected through the Veterinary Internship and Residency Matching Program (VIRMP) administered by the American Association of Veterinary Clinicians. Drop us a line if you need further details.

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Los Angeles LivingASG is proud to call Southern California home. Located in beautiful Los Angeles, we’re steps away from beaches, tourists sites and affordable living for residents and interns.


Internships + Residencies

Rotating Internship

The 1-year rotating internship is designed to enhance and augment the experience of veterinary school, or years in private practice. Whether you just graduated, or have been practicing for a while, there is more to learn, and a next step to be taken.

Specialty Internships
Surgery Residency

The ASG surgery residency is an in-depth, intensive 3-year program designed to train the resident to become a fully competent small animal surgeon and meet the requirements of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons for board certification.


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Testimonials from past VCA Animal Specialty Group Interns & Residents

“Although I did not plan on completing a residency, the senior clinicians at ASG did not treat me any differently than my cohorts who were planning on continuing to further their education. I could not have imagined going into general practice without doing an internship.  Animal Specialty Group provided me with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to practice quality medicine. The senior clinicians are dedicated to teaching and are always available, even when you need to call them in the middle of the night. We saw a variety of difficult cases and there was never a dull moment. I would highly recommend an internship at Animal Specialty Group.”

– Lindsay Heath DVM


“My experience at ASG was very gratifying.  During my time at ASG, I had the opportunity to see an incredible variety of cases, perform many procedures, and solidify my interest in small animal internal medicine.  Not only was the learning experience invaluable, but the friendships and bonds I formed are long lasting – I feel like I’ll always be a member of the ASG family!”

– Alice Huang, VMD, MS, DACVIM
Small Animal Internal Medicine

Dr. Kevin Schmidt


“My internship experience at ASG was invaluable in building the foundation of my veterinary career. The specialists on staff all showed a keen interest in not only education, but superb patient care.  I still carry my experiences and practice traits that I learned with me to this day.”

– Kevin Schmidt, DVM


“I feel the surgical training program at ASG is at the top of private practice programs and comparable to university settings.  The case load is high and varied providing exposure to routine and advanced procedure in soft tissue, orthopedic, and neurologic surgery.  The surgical staff is extremely talented and their varied areas of interest provide well rounded training.  The interdisciplinary cooperation at ASG allows mentoring from multiple specialists, which not only improved my knowledge base for the surgical boards, but also strengthened my skills as a well rounded veterinary surgeon. 

I started at ASG as a surgical intern.  During this first year I received invaluable training dealing with a variety of surgical conditions.  The program allowed first hand involvement in case management from diagnosis to treatment.  During this time a prime focus was also directed toward improving my candidacy for surgical residencies.  I had support from multiple mentors, including research projects, personal contacts, and advice.  Ultimately, I was given the chance to stay at ASG for my residency.  I again feel the program taught me what I needed to be a veterinary surgeon as well as preparing me to take and ultimately pass the surgical board exam.  This pattern is evident in the success of those who both proceeded and followed me through the program.

 I am thankful for the training I received at ASG and would recommend the program to anyone!”

– Gregory M. Jackson, DVM, DACVS


Meet some of our past Residents + Interns.

Rotating Interns

Rotating Interns

(From left to right, top) Priyanka Thakkar, Lindsay Heath, Mishka Gonsalves, Diane Tang. (From left to right, bottom) Roubina Honarchian, Kyle Mcaleenan, Susanna Osmundson, Danielle Sawyer, Crystal Feingold.

 Surgical Residents

Surgical Residents

(From left to right) Richard Wong, Ana Aman, Daniel Jankovits.

 Specialty Interns

Specialty Interns

(From left to right) Timothy Hui, Megan Steele, Michael Becker, Ricardo Sanchez.