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ASG Specialty Interns-2016
2016-17 SPECIALTY INTERNS: (Clockwise from top left) Dr. Audrey Keebaugh, Dr. William Cole. Dr. Dana Sengewald, Dr. Yelena George

Specialty Internships: Some post-graduate students have goals of residency and eventual board-certification in their chosen specialty. For those individuals, we have created the specialty internships.

These focused internships prepare the graduate veterinarian for a residency program in their specialty, whether that is surgery, internal medicine, neurology, or emergency & critical care. Interns are given the opportunity to give in-house lectures, and they are encouraged to prepare manuscripts for publication – an invaluable resource when matching for a residency.

  • Surgery: Surgery interns work directly with our 4 board-certified surgeons. In addition to teaching rounds and formal lectures, a surgery internship is an intensive, hands-on learning experience. Over the years, 70% of our surgery interns have gone on to pursue a surgical residency with us, another specialty practice, or a university.
  • Internal Medicine: Internal Medicine interns work side-by-side with board-certified internists, seeing cases and assisting with diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, including endoscopy, rhinoscopy, cystoscopy, and abdominal & cardiac ultrasound. This internship has been in place for 5 years, and the acceptance rate into residency programs is currently 100%.
  • Neurology: Internships specialized in neurology and neurosurgery are extremely rare. We are fortunate to have the staff and equipment required to offer an intensive program in such a specialized niche of veterinary medicine. Neurology interns work as a team with our board-certified neurologist, learning neurosurgical procedures, CSF collection and analysis, and interpretation of advanced images such as MRI and CT, in addition to spinal and cranial radiography
  • ER/Critical Care: The emergency/critical care interns manage emergency and complex critical cases with our criticalist, board-certified in internal medicine as well as emergency/critical care, as well as with 2 full-time emergency veterinarians. These interns work 4 days per week with the criticalist, and 1 day per week on general emergency duty, overseeing hospitalized critically ill patients, or working with specialists in other disciplines.