Case Studies

Aspergillosis Infection Causing Pyelonephritis and Ureteritis in a Cat.

Aspergillosis: Infection Causing Pyelonephritis And Ureteritis In A Cat

VETERINARIAN SPECIALTY CASE STUDY: An unusual case, the Aspergillus infection appears to be localized solely to the left kidney and ureter with no respiratory component or signs of immune system compromise…


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Urine It Now: Acute Kidney Injury secondary to Leptospirosis Infection in a 9 year old Dog.

Leptospirosis: Elsa and Monty

VETERINARIAN SPECIALTY CASE STUDY: Leptospirosis is a worldwide zoonotic disease comprised of over 250 recognized serovars (“strains”) of the spirochete leptospira. Each serovar is maintained subclinically by infected wild and domestic mammalians…


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Abdominal Adhesions Resulting in Jejunal Entrapment and Torsion.


VETERINARIAN SPECIALTY CASE STUDY: Adhesions are bands of fibrous tissue which can form between abdominal organs and other surfaces within the abdomen. They result from inflammatory processes or physical insults to intra-abdominal structures


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The Nose Knows: An Unexpected Case of Cryptococcus in a Domestic Shorthair Cat.

Cryptococcus: Grey Moon

VETERINARIAN SPECIALTY CASE STUDY: Cryptococcus is the most common fungal infection in domestic cats and can infect immune compromised and immune competent cats. The most likely route of infection is inhalation of the organisms.


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Biliary Cystadenoma in a 10-Month-Old Kitten and Its Successful Surgical Removal.

Biliary Cystadenoma: KEY

VETERINARIAN SPECIALTY CASE STUDY: The owners thought this young adult cat was just getting fat. After being treated for abdominal distension and constipation, X-rays helped shed light on the problem: Biliary Cystadenoma.


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