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Heartworm Disease in Southern California.

Heartworm disease is an infection in animals caused by a worm called Dirofilaria immitis. This worm is spread by mosquito bites. The adult worms live in the heart and large blood vessels in the chest. Dogs, cats, ferrets, wolves, coyotes, seals, and sea lions can all become infected.


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Facial Paralysis: What a droopy face could mean for your pet

Facial Parlayisis in Dogs

Facial paralysis is a condition associated with drooping of the face including lip and eyelid – most commonly on one side (unilateral) but can affect both sides in some cases. The signs can come on suddenly or gradually. Facial paralysis can be complete with inability to move the face at all or partial with decreased movement in the face.


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If Your Pet is Hit by a Car, Don’t Let Their Resilience Fool You.

Pet Hit By Car-KEY

Animals are resilient. Sometimes they suffer from trauma as severe as being hit by a car but they can still walk, or run, away from the event and appear unscathed. However, there may be internal injuries or emerging problems that you cannot see from the outside. Overt injuries like fractured bones and wounds are usually not the most life-threatening problems.


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What the “Bug”?! (i.e., Insect Bites and Possible Allergic Reactions in Your Pet)

Insect Bites and Allergic Reactions in Your Pet

Allergic reactions secondary to insect bites spike during the summer months. From dogs stepping on a bee to cats trying to catch some type of flying insect, these incidents often result in a trip to the emergency room. Often times these incidents are witnessed however there can be occasions when pets are treated for an allergic reaction just given the history and his or her clinical symptoms.


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Shakey-Shake, My Dog Got Into Snail Bait!

metaldehyde based snail/slug baits

By Elizabeth Craig, DVM Emergency + Critical Care Dog and cat tremor-inducing toxin due to exposure to metaldehyde based snail/slug baits.  Hooray! The rains have finally come to southern California but the damp environment is bringing out slugs and snails. Here at ASG, we have seen a few pets come in after accidentally eating commercial […]


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