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Joint Replacement Updates: Hip and Elbow Replacements Having Tremendous Success.

Joint Replacement at Animal Speciality Group

The surgeons at Animal Specialty Group continue to break new ground in joint replacement, with tremendous successes in both hip and elbow procedures.

Dr. Kirk Wendelburg and Animal Specialty Group have been leaders in canine joint replacements since the late 1980’s. Dr. Wendelburg’s achievements in joint replacements include the patenting and development of the BANC (biomechanically anatomic, non-constrained, compartmental) Elbow Replacement produced by Kyon and the Lateral Bolt BFX Hip Replacement produced by BioMedtrix, as well as multiple publications and national/international lectures related to joint replacement.

We now have long-term follow-up on hundreds of clinical trial cases in the USA and Europe. Both technologies have been extremely successful and may become the worldwide standard of care for canine joint replacement of the hip and elbow.



The Lateral Bolt is the Gold Standard in Hip Replacement

The Biomedtrix Lateral Bolt and surgical technique was first introduced by Dr. Wendelburg in 2013. Since then, hundreds of procedures have been performed worldwide. It has virtually eliminated the typical subsidence fracture of the medial calcar that occurred with prior implant designs. Many experts in hip joint replacement around the world now consider the Lateral Bolt femoral stem to be the gold standard in technology.

Hip Replacement: Side-by-Side

Barney: one day post op THR

Search and rescue dog back to work in 4 months after right THR

An amputee left THR 4 months post op able to walk & run again



Phenomenal Success Record for Elbow Replacements

The Kyon elbow replacement has gone through 3 generations with significant improvements in implant design and surgical instrumentation. So far, success has been phenomenal with progressively better function with each generation. Over twenty clinical cases have been performed in the USA and Europe. All the dogs have returned to full function and have been able to discontinue the use of NSAIDs for their elbow lameness. Since the only way to appreciate the actual change in the quality of life and results of the surgery is to visually see the difference between pre- and post-surgery, we have included the following photos and videos of actual patients.

Joint Replacement: Hershey: Side by Side

Hershey: Left Elbow Replacement

1. Hershey: Pre op gait

2. Hershey: 3-Months post op

3. Hershey: 9 months post op left elbow replacement

4. Hershey: 9 months post op left elbow replacement – Slow Motion

Dakota: Right Elbow Replacement

1. Dakota: Pre op gait right elbow replacement

2. Dakota: 10-Days post op right elbow replacement

3. Dakota: 1 year post op right elbow replacement

4. Dakota: 18 months post op right elbow replacement

We are very excited to bring these life-changing technologies to our patients. For more information about Hip and Elbow Replacement at Animal Specialty Group, call us at (818) 244-7977


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