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The SCVMA has been serving Southern California pets, pet owners, and veterinarians for more than 100 years, and is the nation’s largest regional veterinary medical association.

In fact, the SCVMA represents over 700 hospitals in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Which means, if you need a vet, they can almost certainly help you find one – right in your neighborhood.


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Think of VCA ASG as an
extension of your family
veterinarian’s office.

ASG SealAnimal Specialty Group is a referral hospital, designed to take cases sent to us by family veterinarians when, in their good judgment, care by a specialist is warranted.

If your pet is sick or injured, we recommend contacting your family veterinarian (or our emergency department if it’s after hours). Your veterinarian will perform a physical exam, and may recommend certain diagnostics. At some point, they may recommend a second opinion, or advanced testing or surgery, and refer your pet to our facility.

The treatment of your pet’s medical condition is a partnership between your family veterinarian and ASG, and we highly value this partnership. Communication between all of your pet’s medical providers is critical to optimal healthcare delivery.

Specialty hospitals such as ASG are designed to extend the range of your primary veterinarian, not to take their place. Your pet should have a family veterinarian providing routine care, and a referral from that office is necessary to make an appointment with ASG. If you do not currently have a family veterinarian and need a referral, please look in the sidebar to the right, and let the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association help you find one near you.

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