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2016 Events + Materials

May 12:


Dr. Adam Strom
Innovations in Fracture Repair
(Download PDF)
Dr. Kirk Wendelburg
Available Alternatives For Bad Joints
(Download PDF)

Jan 14:


Dr. Stacy Sullivan
Localizing Lesions in the Cerebellum and Vestibular System
(Download PDF)
Dr. Megan Stout Steele
Emergent Care for Traumatic Brain Injury and Seizure Control
(Download PDF)


2015 Events + Materials

Aug 8:


Dr. Emi Ohashi: Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment of Canine Lymphoma (Download PDF)
Dr. Rodney Ayl: Lymphoma Revisited (Download PDF)

Apr 2:


Dr. Rhonda Schulman: Update on Feline Asthma (Download PDF)
Dr. Fred C. Brewer IV:
Common Cardiac Scenarios (Download PDF)


2014 Events + Materials

Nov 6:


Dr. Mary Kay Blake & Dr. Adam Strom: Head and Neck Tumors (Download PDF)

Apr 10:


Dr. Emily Coddon: Intravenous Lipid Emulsion Pt. 1 (Download PDF)
Dr. Brian Young: Intravenous Lipid Emulsion Pt. 2 (Download PDF)

Jan 9:


Dr. Emilie Chaplow: Updates in Canine Pancreatitis (Download PDF)
Dr. Rhonda Schulman: Updates in Feline Pancreatitis (Download PDF)


Previous Events + Materials

A full listing of Animal Specialty Group’s previous Continuing Education events, speakers, topics and materials, are coming soon.

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ASG’s ongoing commitment to the veterinary community is fully illuminated during our continuing education programs, geared toward the general practitioner. We bring experts from all over the country to speak on topics that interest our referring veterinarians – the topics for our programs are chosen based on participant suggestion.

An evening of…

Camaraderie: Join other local veterinarians, as well as veterinarians from around the region, for our quarterly continuing education events, as we gather for food & drinks, to catch up with friends and colleagues, to swap case stories, and maybe to even learn a thing or two.

Food & drink: We partner with local event spaces, such as the The Castaway in Burbank, to provide the perfect environment for our presentations. The ambience is just right, with a spectacular view, great company and a wide variety of delectable dinner options.

RACE approved: Our CE program has been RACE (Registry of Approved Continuing Education) approved since March 2005, to ensure that you receive the proper credit for your participation. Four free, exceptional dinners a year, combined with the latest practical information on subjects you choose, AND a total of eight hours of approved CE. Sounds like a bargain to us.

For more information about Animal Specialty Group’s Continuing Education program, please call Steve Katz at (818) 244-7977 or email