There’s always a solution

For scientists, adaptation and innovation are a way of life – they propel the advancement of science. And veterinarians are scientists, adapting techniques from human medicine, or from one species to another.

But sometimes adaptation is not enough – something radically new is necessary to solve a particular problem. At ASG, we adapt materials and techniques, when it makes the most sense for our patients. And when it doesn’t, we innovate.

There’s always a solution, but sometimes it hasn’t been invented yet. We’d like to change that.



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Total Hip Replacement

Dr. Wendelburg worked with surgeons and engineers across the globe, contributing to the design of the canine-specific total hip replacement system used in referral practices and universities throughout the world.

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Announcing the Total Elbow Replacement System

Innovations 1

Biomechanical and anatomic limitations in the currently available elbow replacement systems led ASG founder, Dr. Kirk Wendelburg, to explore other options. Those options were limited to just one: innovate, and design a new one.

Why replacement surgery?

Osteoarthritis of the elbow is the most common orthopedic problem of the front legs in dogs. Conservative therapies include NSAIDs, pain medication, weight management and exercise restriction. The problems with these therapies is that they do not work well, especially long-term.

Before this innovation, surgical therapies include arthroscopy, arthrodesis, and total elbow replacement. Arthroscopic techniques can alleviate signs for the short-term, but degeneration continues. While fusing the elbow joint can treat osteoarthritis, arthrodesis causes a significant mechanical limp, and the end result is not generally acceptable. Other total elbow replacement surgeries have serious anatomic and mechanical limitations.

Design by Mother Nature.

Innovations 2

Dr. Wendelburg’s new design, currently in clinical development with the highly renowned Swiss veterinary orthopedic company, Kyon. It takes these previous anatomic limitations into account, addressing and meeting the three major criteria of allowing for normal movement, no mechanical links causing stress, and can serve as a full or partial replacement, with this decision being made at the time of surgery, after visualization of the joint itself.

A precise, repeatable implantation procedure is just as important as having the most advanced elbow implant. New tools were developed to identify the center of the arc of rotation for that individual’s elbow. Identifying the center of the hinge is critical to stress-free function of the joint.

Putting the new implant into action.

If you have cases that might benefit from this revolutionary new procedure, give us a call at (818) 244-7977. Dr. Wendelburg would be happy to discuss your case with you.