Making a Referral

Making a Referral

Referral Options

ASG RDVM General Referral FormGeneral Referral: Internal medicine, surgery, neurology and oncology referrals should be made with this form.  Please make certain to send Animal Specialty Group the most recent history of your patient including copies of lab work and any radiographs (either on CD or actual film).

ASG RDVM Ultrasound Referral FormUltrasound (Outpatient): When you need a piece of your diagnostic puzzle solved, but do not have the need for the case to be managed by one of our specialists, this is the form to use.  Animal Specialty Group’s board-certified radiologist will assist you in finding the answers to establish a diagnosis.

ASG RDVM CT Referral FormCT Scan (Outpatient): Another advanced diagnostic tool we offer to our referring veterinarians is our outpatient CT.  Copies of the CT images will be given to the client for the referring veterinarian’s review. A formal CT report (by a board-certified radiologist) will be faxed to the referring veterinarian the following day.

ASG RDVM Physical Rehabilitation + Alternative Medicine Referral FormPhysical Rehabilitation + Integrative Medicine: This is the form to be used when referring patients for services such as acupuncture, holistic medicine, underwater treadmill and other alternative medicines (see Our Specialists page for a full list of our rehabilitation services).

Together, there is nothing
we can’t accomplish.

The family veterinary practice is the foundation of pet healthcare. Animal Specialty Group exists as an extension of the family practice, seeing your patients only on a referral or emergency basis. Which means, when your cases require diagnostic testing or surgery beyond what is feasible in general practice, we are here to help.

Your confidence in referring cases means everything to us. We will treat your clients and patients as if they are members of our own families, while providing the cutting-edge diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical procedures you and your clients expect from Southern California’s premier referral hospital. And we will keep you informed of your patients’ progress every step of the way, to make follow-up a smooth, cohesive process.

A phone call away.

Our board-certified specialists are always open to consulting with you on a new case – we’re only a phone call away. Our purpose is to help you help your patients, whether that involves diagnostic or surgical advice or potential referral. Because after all, we’re on the same team, with the same goal – the health and well-being of your patients. Which is why we consider you an integral part of the process, from referral to recovery.

And please know, that if you ever have any questions about a new case, a patient of yours – either current or past, our procedures and processes, or even suggestions as to how we might better our working relationship, please do not hesitate to call.

Because we know that we wouldn’t be here without you.