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UPDATE: New modifications to the BFX Total Hip Replacement System.

New modifications to the BFX Total Hip Replacement System.

Dr. Kirk Wendelburg, along with BioMedtrix, have continuously been working on the new modification of their cementless BFX total hip replacement system for patients with canine hip dysplasia.

To date, Dr. Wendelburg has performed over 13 surgeries on very high risk cases utilizing this new modification. All candidates have shown no complications and have exceeded preliminary expectations with a 100% success rate.

BioMedtrix is known internationally as the leader in canine joint replacements, producing stifle, elbow and hip replacement systems. BioMedtrix produces both cemented (CFX) and non-cemented (BFX) total hip replacements, and currently has thousands of successfully implanted dogs and cats around the world. Although highly successful, one of the potential complications observed in the cementless BFX design has been subsidence.

Dr. Wendelburg’s design modification was done to resolve the problem of subsidence, which is the biggest factor in development of a femur fracture in the early post-operative period following a total hip replacement surgery. Early studies support the significant advantage of the modification. The goal of the modification is to improve on the already high success rate (90 to 95%) of total hip replacements to a > 95% success rate for the procedure.

Dr. Wendelburg has performed hundreds of successful total hip replacements, lectured internationally, and has been published substantially in the area of joint replacement and hip dysplasia. He routinely performs cementless and cemented hip replacements. BioMedtrix will produce femoral implants for the clinical trial in sizes 7, 8, and 9. This will accommodate dogs in the size range of Retrievers, Rottweilers and German Shepherds.

If the patient is a candidate for a hip replacement and the clinical trial, the procedure and all follow-ups for one year will be performed at a 50% discount off standard fees.

In return for this service, the pet owner will be required to go to the scheduled reevaluations and adhere to the follow-up instructions.

Since the procedure already has extremely high long-term success and the modification is designed to improve the short-term complication rate, the prosthesis and procedure will be guaranteed for a period of one year following implantation. Any revision required within a year of surgery will be at no charge to the owner.

Our expectations of the new hip replacement design continue to be very high. This procedure has shown to produce an extremely high short and long term success rate allowing dogs with hip dysplasia to live functionally and pain-free for their entire lives. To schedule an appointment for the initial evaluation, call us at (818) 244-7977. Please feel free to contact Dr. Kirk Wendelburg with any further questions.

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Dr. Wendelburg is internationally recognized in veterinary orthopedics and is particularly well known for his collaboration in developing today’s most-used canine total hip replacement implants and procedures. He has authored several presentations involving hip replacement and limb biomechanics.